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Moberly, Missouri

Moberly Missouri - LakeRandolph County was carved from its neighbor to the west, Chariton County, in 1829. Eight years later, a chunk of northern Randolph County helped create Macon County. In over 150 years, Randolph County as it now exists, has bid farewell to the native Fox and Sac Indians, endured war among families and neighbors, given birth to a magic city and watched industries come and go.

Moberly is a world-class business location and the heart of the north-central Missouri area technology community. Our dynamic companies, well-educated and highly skilled residents, excellent school system and cultural amenities make Moberly one of the most desirable places to live and work in the United States.

The 2006 Census Bureau estimated the population of Moberly at 13,992.

Water Tower - Moberly Missouri - The Magic City There are seven public and private schools in Moberly. There are eight institutions of higher education.

The average annual temperature in Moberly is 65 degrees. The coldest month, January averages 42 degrees and the warmest, July, averages 86 degrees. Annual average rainfall is 34 inches and snowfall averages 10 inches.

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